Still life, by Beatrice Ciotti, represents a collection of common objects or mostly inanimate natural elements. The inspiration is born from the great Giorgio Morandi, an Italian painter who represented, with a solemn and severe aspect, a set of simple everyday objects. Textures and colors are born with the intention of carrying meaning, expressiveness and drama to objects immortalized in real life and made eternal in their consistency, shape and dimension. Beatrice used the ashes of several trees to fulfill her goal: the ash, combined with fondant in different percentages, contributed to rocky, dusty, fossilized and rough surfaces. Specifically, what worked best was the cork oak, widespread in Portugal. Resuming, the conclusion is  that each region has its own vegetation and that the glaze of ash will always be unique, depending on the geographic location.

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Rua Antonio Maria Baptista, 14

Penha de França. Lisboa, Portugal - 1170-027